World class protection.

Leak Patrol uses a patented smart gel system representing the next generation of water barrier technology.

Engineered to stay flexible and deliver guaranteed long term protection far exceeding that of traditional cured and membrane products which eventually leak as foundations settle or below grade stress takes its toll.

<strong>New Construction</strong>

New Construction

Create a world class water and radon proof barrier that's guaranteed for 25 years.



<strong>Leak Repair</strong>

Leak Repair

Proven success on some of the most challenging waterproof repair jobs in the world.





Specified by architects and engineers on large scale projects from airports to tunnels.



Leak Patrol Advantages.

Patented smart gel always stays flexible – no cracking or leaks

Eco friendly, green product

Protection that’s proven around the world

The most forgiving waterproofing system

Leak Patrol experts make the process as easy as possible

Compare your waterproofing options.

When you look at the options, there are no other options.

  • Traditional membrane products will dry and crack over time as a foundation settles.
  • Paint-on and penetrating sealers fail when cracks occur.
  • Drain tile and sump pump systems simply recirculate water out of your basement.
  • Only Leak Patrol can keep you dry and safe for the long run by keeping water and radon out.

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Leak Patrol is the world’s #1 waterproofing brand and the exclusive residential distributer of Gel Tech Systems technology. We have defined and perfected below grade waterproofing with a selection of high-performance, eco-friendly products that create a waterproof barrier.

Leak Patrol is a divison of RE-Systems Group Americas